13 colonies strong, they have been wronged
Now they must fight, against British might
A call to arms, leave the family and farms
Sound the freedom call, answer one and all

One by land two by sea, Revere's ride alerts the country
Little boys minutemen, they're land they must defend
Don't fire to you see the whites of they're eyes
Bunker Hill has fallen the redcoats have arrived

Continentals are weak, suffer many defeats
Fighting in the streets, there's nothing to eat
Standing toe to toe, with the best in the world
Men falling all around, morale is down

20 feet in front of you men trying to kill you
Blazing fire of muskets, smoke getting so thick
Cannon balls in the air, God doesn't seem to care
It's tough standing there, watch your friends head disappear

The tide has turned, the redcoats have learned
Men fight with such abandon, when they're homes are threatened Yea

Redcoats have gone, new country is born
Freedom rings throughout, people sing and shout
Independence day, cracked bell on display
Men dying for the cause, makes one give pause

Oh say can you see, Frances Scott Keye
Bombs bursting in air, rockets red glare
They fought so we could be free
Land of liberty my country tears of thee